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One Of Michigan's Most Trusted Trucking CompaniesCentury Trucking is a full service trucking company providing guaranteed trucking service, expedited delivery, LTL freight, specialized freight services, warehousing service, and free logistics.

We are a nationwide trucking company that provides your business the highest level of customer service in trucking. In addition, Century Trucking company uses the latest technology and advanced satellite tracking to guarantee you on-time delivery!

Take advantage of our integrity in business, and our respect of your deadlines with for the most reliable expedited delivery and LTL freight across the United States. Call Century Trucking Company now at (586) 716-8464, and you can always rely on a:

  • New Fleet with Over 50 Semis and Trailers
  • Reliable and Experienced Support Team and Truck Drivers  
  • Proven Trucking Company with Expedited Delivery Service
  • Free Logistics Service Using the Latest Technology to Save Your Company Money
  • State-Of-the-Art Satellite Tracking system with Real-Time Data

And remember, Century Trucking company offers guaranteed on time Service using advanced technology along with an experienced team of truck drivers and support personnel.

Recently Purchased Semis and Tractor Trailers PLUS Award Winning Trucking Company

Century Trucking Company is always staffed with safe drivers along with an experienced support staff that includes logistics and warehousing service. We deliver your business trusted and reliable trucking service and expedited delivery service that is guaranteed barring any uncontrollable circumstance. We use only new model semi-trucks and trailers that guarantee you the most reliable service that includes:

  • A General Motors Compliant Trucking Company  
  • 15,221 Safe Trucking Deliveries and Expedited Freight Loads
  • Over 2 Million Safe Driving Miles per year
  • Experienced Fleet of Drivers and Support personnel
  • Experienced Truck Drivers with 12 Years’ or More Average Experience

We at Century built our trucking company on a solid foundation of mutual respect, integrity and believe in earning your business on every load. When you see our trucks on the road you’ll quickly notice new trucks and trailers delivering loads across Michigan and beyond. Our commitment to excellence far surpasses most trucking companies; plus, you have the added value of a full service trucking company that saves you money, hassles and time.

Expedited Trucking Service with Advanced Technology; Just What You’d Expect from A Leading Trucking Company

Qualified Truck DriversCentury Trucking uses only experienced and highly qualified drivers and support personnel, new trucks, trailers and tracking software. You and always count on our professionalism and exceptional service, and we build our business relationships on integrity and mutual respect. We are fully GM compliant and award winning trucking company providing full service trucking, warehousing, LTL freight and expedited trucking service.

Century Trucking company meets your high demands and deadlines day-by-day with key partnerships in the industry built over time. This guarantees you greater problem solving and faster solutions for any and all incidentals. Our extensive resources and strategic business relationships deliver you greater stability and dependability that far exceeds most trucking companies in Michigan and across the United States.

Call Century Trucking Company for Expedited Delivery, LTL Freight and Logistics at (586) 716-8464